To Our Valued Patients:

We have reopened as of May 1st for all dental care. We are doing all treatment types, and are no longer restricting appointments to only emergencies. We will be calling you in the coming days or weeks to reschedule your appointments. For your safety, and for the safety of other patients and our staff, we are taking extra precautions. Some things will be different during your appointments:

  • Please reschedule your appointment if you are feeling ill.
  • Please arrive just before your appointment time and stay in your car. You don't need to call when you arrive. We will call you on your cell phone when your room has been disinfected and we are ready to receive you. If you do not have a cell phone, please arrive at our doorway and wait in the hallway.
  • Please arrive wearing a mask. If you do not have one, we will give you one.
  • Only minor patients are permitted to be accompanied. Otherwise, you need to arrive alone and your companions may wait in the car.
  • Please walk in the front door and approach the window, which is covered by plexiglass.
  • If anything needs to be signed or paid, it can be done at this time. Please use hand sanitizer available for you.

We will have a few questions and will take your temperature before bringing you in. Questions include:

Have you or those you are close to traveled out of the state or country in the past 4 weeks?

Have you or those you are close to had flu like symptoms in the past 2 weeks? If so, we will need to reschedule your appointment.

Prior to reopening, Vienna Dental and Aesthetics will be a MicroShield 360 Certified Facility. MicroShield 360 is an anti- microbial coating system that is EPA registered and FDA approved. The system creates a preventative surface that protects treated areas from germs, bacteria, pathogens and mold. The system is a multi-step process that kills then prevents future pathogens from living on treated surfaces for an entire year. The 2nd step of the process, MS 360 Renew, is proven effective to kill the Coronavirus. Please visit our Facebook page for more information.

We look forward to welcoming our patients back and keeping you safe!


Dr. Colleen Vienna and Staff